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Website Design, Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, vehicle graphics, they are all part of your brand and your marketing stategy. Marketing is a huge part of the success of any business & you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. Yes, service is #1, without good quality service, marketing isn't going to get you out of the hole.  However, with a great product and/or service marketing can take you to the next level, and you don't have to hire a big city marketing firm to do it.
Little Bear Marketing has a network of partners sharing the same values. We deliver turnkey solutions like: web design, web applications, SEO (search engine optimization), flash animations, cms (content managment websites) web hosting and more. Remember - first impressions are everything. If you have a great product and/or service but in effective marketing materials (logo, business cards, brochures, website, etc...), it could mean the difference between the customer/client using you and/or your product(s). In today's world everyone is researching more before they buy and/or use a service. Be at the top of your game and let Little Bear Marketing help.

Little Bear Marketing is your "big city" marketing firm at a freelance price.

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